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Fun Kids Ballroom Classes in St. Augustine, FL

Arthur Murray Dance Studio - St. Augustine proudly offers fun kids ballroom classes in St. Augustine, FL. We believe that dancing is one of the most important skills that children and families can learn. That is why we offer ballroom dance classes for people of all ages, including children ages five and up. Our kids ballroom dance classes can help your child not only learn an essential and fun skill but it can also help with their development as they grow. The benefits of dancing are endless. Beginning to dance at a young age can help your child learn the physical and emotional benefits of moving your body regularly. Not only will this help your child mature and grow, but it is also a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.

little kids dancing

When Should My Child Start Dancing?

There is no better time to start than now. If you believe that your child would enjoy dancing, then it is time to put them in a class. However, it is vital to note that starting your child on serious dance training may be a later activity, depending on how old your child is. Research shows that dancing at a young age can help with brain development, but for children that are seven and under, serious dance training may discourage them from pursuing dance. Once your child learns how to walk, it may be beneficial for them to begin dancing. At our studio, we encourage children aged five and up to enroll in our ballroom dance classes. Our teachers are highly trained and experienced in working with young minds, so your child will have a great time when working with us.

kids dancing

Why Should My Child Learn to Dance?

Dance classes for children can be a great way to help them develop and learn important life skills. Today at our studio, your children can begin learning the many benefits that dance offers. Dancing utilizes all the muscle groups in your body. Dance allows children to be expressive while encouraging physical activity and fitness. Some of the life skills that dancing teaches include dedication, discipline, and focus. After years of research, it has been shown that dancing also encourages emotional, social, and cognitive development in children of all ages. The art of dance also teaches young minds how to be confident, how to persevere, and how to motivate themselves. We cannot forget that dance also encourages fun and freedom of expression.

Enroll Your Child Today

It is never too early to start learning how to dance and experiencing dancing’s many benefits. Our team of dance professionals strongly believes in all that the skill of dance has to offer. We encourage everyone of all ages to express themselves through dance. The dance classes we offer for kids are a great way for them to learn a fun skill, learn how to express themselves, and help develop their growing minds. We strive to be accessible to all people, which is why we do not limit ourselves to teaching just children or just adults. Our studio welcomes everyone. Are you interested in getting your child into dance? Reach out to us today to learn more about our class offerings.

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