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Intermediate and Competitive Dance Classes

Are you looking for a way to elevate your dancing skills? Are you interested in competitive dancing? Our team of dance professionals offers the classes you are in need of. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio - St. Augustine, we offer intermediate and competitive dance classes in St. Augustine, FL. Our class offerings are comprehensive, and we have options for every level of dancer. From just starting out to compete, our team will work with you to ensure that you have the dance skills you desire. Whether you consider yourself an intermediate dancer or you are ready for the competitive challenge, our classes will help get you where you want to be. We offer a variety of different programs at different levels to both challenge and teach you new skills.

Ballrom dance couple in a dance pose

Our Dance Class Offerings

With comprehensive offerings, we have a variety of dance programs and classes for you to enroll in. No matter what level you are at, we have something for you. Our classes range from introductory to competitive. When working with us, you always have the opportunity to advance to the next level. We do not limit our students; we help them grow, which is why we offer different classes because everyone is at a different stage. Some of our intermediate and competitive classes include:

  • Associate Bronze Program
  • Full Bronze Program
  • Silver Program
  • Gold Program
  • Competition Program
couple dancing

What You Should Know About Competitive Dance

Competitive dance is a sport where competitors dance different styles in front of a group of judges and typically perform against other dancers. During the competition, dancers are judged for their form, technique, stage presence, and overall performance. With our competitive dance program, you will be able to advance your skills and perfect your technique. Our instructors will push you to improve on all of your skills, which will yield progress not only in the dance world but also out in the real world. Competitive dance teaches dancers many things, including how to push themselves, critique themselves, learn discipline, communication skills, teamwork, flexibility, and self-confidence. Learning different choreography helps with the brain’s cognitive performance by improving memory. Competitive dancing has many benefits and will push a dancer to be the best version of themself.

A New Dancing Experience

If you are interested in learning how to compete or are looking to further your dance skills beyond the beginner level, we are the place for you to be. Our team of professional dance instructors is equipped with the necessary training, skills, and knowledge to help you elevate your dancing experience. Our dance programs range from beginners to competitive, so wherever you are on your dance journey, we have a class that will suit your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our class offerings and how we can help you transform your dance skills.

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