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Social dance is a great way to bring two people in a group together. One of the most popular forms of social dance is the classical style of the Waltz. The Waltz makes for a great social dance due to its ability to be accessible to both beginners and expert dancers. It is also a dance that has great roots in terms of connecting the individuals involved, or the dance partners.

Understanding What Social Dance Is

Many people may have never heard of the idea of social dance. Social dance is a general term that is used to cover a wide variety of dance styles. The one common theme between all of them, though, is about dancing in pairs or with a group of people. The primary focus of dancing in social dance is to bring people together in a social atmosphere. The dance styles push the idea of socializing and uniting individuals in ways that other dances simply do not. There are many dance styles that are considered to be social dance. These can include the foxtrot, and salsa, among others. The most common, though, is typically the Waltz.

The Waltz Is Accessible to the Masses

The Waltz is one of the most popular social dance styles due to its ability to be accessible to just about everybody. It is a highly elegant dance style that is so simple that any beginner can give it a try right out of the gate. The dance style is often used at formal events such as a wedding. It can also be performed for fun in more relaxed social settings.

The accessibility of the Waltz is thanks to its somewhat simplistic steps. The Waltz starts off with the dancers visualizing a box on the floor. The idea is to create a box that you are going to follow with your feet. You will step at one corner of the box, and proceed to then step to the next corner of that same box. You and your partner move in a diagonal fashion along the edges and across the box at will.

The beat count of the Waltz also makes it quite accessible. It is all based on a simple three-beat count. Instructors will likely inform you to count in threes as you are stepping. When you complete two or three counts, you should have completed one pass through the box in total.

As with any dance, practice makes perfect. Though accessible, the basics of a Waltz are still best learned via a professional instructor. The accessibility of it, though, makes it great for dancers of all expertise levels. You could be a raw beginner or a veteran of the dance floor. Either way, you can have fun socializing with your partner and a group of people in a great social setting. Dance is all about bringing people together and having a great time. The Waltz is one social dance that promotes this idea to the fullest.