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Summer is upon us in sunny Florida and guess what that means? 5 months of hot, steamy, and sweltering heat! While the rest of the country takes to the great outdoors during the summer, Floridians look for ways to escape the heat and recreate indoors where the temperature is a cool and consistent 72 degrees. Summer is a great time to start a new dance hobby or take your current one to the next level. Arthur Murray – St. Augustine has everything you need to get started on the right foot (including air conditioning!), and we’ve prepared a list of habits for starting a dance hobby to help you keep your dancing fun, interesting, and progressing during the hot summer months.

Couple posing for the shoot

1. Sign Up

Yes, learning to dance is an investment.

As a first-time investor in dance lessons we’re not expecting you to immediately connect with all of the wonderful byproducts this activity has to offer right away, but it’s nearly impossible to find value in something you’ve never tried. The goal here is to get started, don’t overthink it, and start with a beginner program that is comfortable for you.

2. Show Up

80% of success is just showing up.

If you want to be successful in your dance hobby, you must show up consistently and be accountable for your progress. Here’s our best advice on how to do that:

Set your appointment, tell everyone about it, stay accountable, show up to lessons and practice parties, learn to step outside of your comfort zone by trying new dances, partners, and techniques that challenge you.

3. Suspend Judgments

You will always second guess your ability to dance if you still believe you’ve got two left feet. We’re not expecting you to show up convinced that you’re already a great dancer, all we want is the opportunity to show you what is possible.

So all we ask is that you temporarily suspend your judgments and self-criticisms, and we’ll help erase them for good.

4. Lesson Frequency

Frequency is the name of the game. If you forget everything else, and just master this, you will quickly (emphasis on the word “quickly”) learn to dance, and see the value of the activity.

Think of it like this, if your dance lessons were personal training sessions at the gym, how often would you go if you wanted to get in great shape?

The sooner you’re back in, the sooner you’ll see and feel progress. Enough said.

5. Have Tunnel Vision

It can be easy to fall into comparisons as a dance student. The fact is, your dance journey is unique. There was a catalyst that prompted you to pursue the hobby, and the dancer you’re developing into won’t look like anyone but you…. but with much greater dance skill.

6. Progress Your Goals

Your dance teacher understands your current goals, and they also understand that your current goals will evolve. So how do you prepare a dance program for the current, and future,? You collaborate with your teacher and trust that what is planned will get you to where you want to go – even if that includes a dance or two that you hadn’t thought of.

7. Group Classes

Regardless of the dance, taking consistent group classes develops your balance, your role, and your confidence.

8. Party on the Regular

A practice party is like a lab for your private dance lessons. Work on your leading and following, pressure test new moves, and all with the support of the Arthur Murray staff alongside you every step of the way.

9. Expand Your Network

Eventually, it will be easy to dance with your instructor. Expand your network and build your confidence by asking students to dance that you may not regularly dance.

10. Keep a Dance Journal

A journal is a great way to write out your routine and track your progress. Treat it like a backup security system for your brain – especially while your muscle memory is under construction.

11. Challenge Your Comfort Zone

This might sound crazy, but there will come a point when walking into the studio is easy and does nothing to rattle your comfort zone anymore. So try a small in-studio event to keep your comfort zone from getting too comfortable.

This is the key to building long-term confidence in your dancing, and your teacher will coach you every step of the way.

12. Team Teaching

Teachers all have their own unique ways of communicating information. Your History teacher would probably been decent as an English teacher, but wouldn’t have lasted a minute teaching Drama. The same can be said for Arthur Murray staff. Team teaching is designed for the student to benefit from the strengths of each teacher involved in their program.

13. Dance Shoes

Not mandatory, but definitely a great help, purchasing a pair of dance shoes is a great way to affirm your commitment, get your feet better connected to the floor, and your brain better connected to your hobby.

14. Try a Routine

Breaking News – you don’t have to perform this on stage, on television, or even in front of an audience. Think of a dance routine as a container for technique, style, and groups of patterns. Eventually, you’ll have one in every dance, but feel free to start with your favorite dance.

15. Plan Your Next Program

Your “know-how” of ballroom dance lessons will grow exponentially from lesson 1 to lesson 10. The program that you first put together with your teacher was done with more faith than experience, but guess what? Your next program will be something that you’ll plan as a dancer, and not as someone just dipping their toe in the water of this hobby.

16. Share Your Dance Journey

Whether you journal, write a review, video a testimonial, invite a friend, or just go out of your way to smile and introduce yourself – paying it forward is essential to the positive and inclusive atmosphere at Arthur Murray.

After all, you’re going to make progress. Not to mention, there may have been a more advanced student along the way that was kind, encouraging, and someone you looked up to.

Now you are that student. As crazy as it seems, there are students that look up to you. You may not know them… yet, but make sure that you repay the favor and give them encouragement, and kindness, and save them a dance at the next party.

Final Thoughts

While you can certainly take whichever path works for your schedule, interest, and desired outcome, this list is designed to help you progress the quickest way possible. Arthur Murray – St. Augustine would love to help you beat the summer heat and develop your dance hobby and meet your dancing goals. Contact Us today to meet our teachers and schedule your first lesson.

We’d love to know – How many of these have you accomplished? Are you stuck with one, or do you have an idea for another? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.