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Dance group Posing for photo

One of the largest, most prestigious dance competitions happened this past weekend in Tampa, Florida. Millenium was June 18-23rd!! This year we had a few students competing. And not only did they compete, but they were winning!!! All of our students work so hard to reach their dance goals, and it is surely paying off!!!!

When Tatiana and Misha go to a competition they always grab everyone’s attention. Her bright, sassy, fun spirit shines through when she dances!! With her red hair, amazing dance moves, great dance partner, her big smile… it’s hard not to want to watch her all the time!! Tatiana has such a love for dancing, her passion is so visible when she’s out on the floor. It sure was this time.. and she continued smiling as she got called up for the first-place trophy in the Ladies A Open Gold Rhythm scholarship!!!

We also had Julie with similar results!! Julie has been training so hard, with her dance partner, Misha! She is constantly coming in for lessons and coaching with Marina and Vasiliy. She is always eager to learn a new technique or dance move!! She is also one of those dancers, where when she dances, she just captures your attention and just makes you want to get up on the dance floor too!! Julie has such beautiful lines and truly dances from the soul. It is such a beautiful thing to witness!!! Julie also took home the first-place trophy in the Ladies B Open Gold Rhythm Scholarship!!

Dance group Posing for photo

We also have Cheryl dancing with her instructor, Mike Singleton!!! As usual, Cheryl is getting the crowd on her feet with her fun personality on and off the dance floor. She is known for her free spirit and her fun-to-watch interaction with Mike on the dance floor. And even when she is not on the dance floor, she is usually dancing around cheering everyone on! Cheryl is such great team spirit!!! She is always getting complimented on her gorgeous gowns as well!! We are so proud of her and Mike!! They are also always practicing in the studio. Such a rewarding feeling to see all of their hard work pay off!!

Another one of our dancers, Ashley, also wowed the crowd. At just 18 years old, Ashley has surely made a name for herself. Her dedication to dancing and her precision with her technique in the Standard and Latin divisions always leaves those who watch her with their jaws on the floor!! Ashley competed in the 10 Dance Championship, which means overall in the Latin and Standard divisions combined, she took home that second place trophy!!! Ashley is constantly working hard to improve and develop as a dancer. We are so proud of her!!! GO TEAM ARTHUR MURRAY JACKSONVILLE!!!!