Last Two Events of the International Dance Festival COMING UP!!!

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At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, for the last month, our students have been attending themed parties, group classes, dressing up, playing games, winning exciting prizes and earning points. The whole point of International Dance Festival.. Arthur Murray’s all over the world compete to see who can have the most studio involvement.

So far, this year as Arthur Murray Dance Studio goes “Back to School,” we started off the festival with a “When I Grow Up” Kick Off Party!! Students dressed up as doctors, pilots, ballerinas, teachers, and even a few of our sassy students who wanted to be ROCK STARS!!!!

The second week, our students got on their comfy clothes at our Pajama Party. Our parties are always filled with a lot of energy, but this party was one to be talked about for a long time!!! Our students started the night off with a fun group class and then mingled while enjoying some food and drinks, and then we danced the night away… with a little bit of karaoke!!! Guess now we know why we all chose dancing as our hobby!!

The third party we had in our International Dance Festival was the Pep Rally. Our cheerleaders cheered on the team with their very own cheers!!! The students got out on the floor and cheered about Arthur Murray and why they love our studio so much!! This was very cool to watch!!

Our last party in our International Dance Festival was our Homecoming Party. We enjoyed seeing everyone in their suits and gowns all dressed up for a romantic evening at Arthur Murray. The studio was beautifully decorated, we had fun games and even better prizes. We danced the night away, not to mention our Jack and Jill competition!!

As a part of our International Dance Festival.. there are two other events that our students just love!! The first one is called Destination Unknown! All of our students will meet at the studio on Friday, July 12th and we will get into a very nice limo, and from there it’s all a surprise. We will take you somewhere “Unknown” for dinner, drinks and dancing. Nothing better than a fun night out with your dance family!!!

The last event is our Studio Picnic!! This is a great bonding event. We will all be getting together on Sunday, July 14th and enjoy some food and drinks, at the BEACH!! It will be a nice relaxing day, with music, games and dancing!!!

Call the studio at 904-819-1998 to see how you can become a part of all the fun!!!